MARCH 5-6, 2016



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Congratulations to our 2015 Winners!

First Place: Ampere String Quartet


SECOND PLACE: The Rustling Winds   |  THIRD PLACE (tie): Raxe Quartet & Trio in Sii
LEVEL B WINNER: Quartetto Caffeinato

Thank you to all participating ensembles for a wonderful weekend of music-making!

2015 Competition Winners

The audience enjoyed some wonderful playing by all of the Finalists, in the Winners Recital on Sunday, March 15 in the SPCO Center's Music Room. Alison Young of  Classical MPR was the emcee. At the Awards ceremony, she announced the winners:

First Prize, $1,000 and Whitacre medals:  Ampere String Quartet: Sam Richman (violin) age 14; Louisa Byron (violin) age 17; Paul Watkins (viola) age 15; and Eliot Johnson (cello) age 15. Coached by Ray Shows of the Artaria Chamber Music School.

Second Prize, $600 and Top Wind Group Prize, $150: Rustling Winds Quintet: Alexandra Hartlein (flute), 18; Sarrah Bushara (oboe), 16; Miles Broski (clarinet), 18; Emily Green (French horn), 18, and Beck Rusley (bassoon), 14. Coached by Trudi Anderson of Augsburg College.

Third Prize, $400, was a tie: Raxe String Quartet: David Coltz (violin), 16; Sarah Coltz (violin), 15; Eleni Sophocleus (cello). 16; and Martha Mulcahy (viola), 17, coached by Laura Sewell. Trio in Sii: Vivian Murphy (violin), 16; Kaija Johansson (cello), 15; andPraveen Pallegar (piano), 15, coached by Tom Rosenberg of Opus 1911 Music Studio.

Level B Winner, $100 cash prize: Quartetto Caffeinato, composed of eighth graders: Raef Eddins (violin), 14; David Michaeli(violin), 13; Maggie Liss (viola), 14, and Amelia Podolny (cello), 13, coached by Laura Sewell and Ray Shows.

2016 Competition Guidelines and Forms

The start date for receiving applications and videos for the 2016 competition is February 1, 2016.

Absolute deadline is February 8, 2016.

To download and print the Guidelines for the 2016 competition, the 2016 Application Form, and the 2016 Repertoire and Information Form, go to the About the Competition page. These forms are for your home use only. Filling them out will enable you to have necessary information at hand when submitting your online application. 

Questions about the competition? FAQs are located on the CONTACT US page.

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